No Bake Bake Sale

No Bake Bake Sale

Monday, February 12, None Specified
Annual Fundraiser

February No Bake, Bake Sale fundraiser.

Our Bakeless Bake sale has been quite a hit.

You'll need no ingredients, no flour to sift,

There'll be no gas or electric stove to start,

No groceries needed in your shopping cart.

You'll save on fuel with no drive to the store,

And help save the environment and a whole lot more!

We invite everyone to participate in the Mary Lyon Church, February No Bake, Bake Sale fundraiser by generously giving with a willing heart to the church helping support its good works.

Please send your check (with "Bake Sale" on memo line) made out to Mary Lyon Church, P.O. Box 87, Buckland, Ma. 01338 between February 12th and 22nd. Thank you so much.

No fuss, no bother, you've done your part,

This is the end of our little tale,

Help make a SUCCESS of our Bakeless Sale.