For many decades our church has been known for its gifted sewers, especially our Monday Nighter's quilting group. Every year this group hand sews and ties a quilt that is raffled at our annual Silver Bell Bazaar held in November.  Over the years many quilt shows have been held at the church.  Here is a collection of photos from our 2013 show and more recently, our July 2022 show held during "A Summer Day on the Buckland Common" on 7/23/2022. Several of the Monday Nighter's quilts were featured in all photos along with many pieces, old and new, loaned by the community. 

Thanks to our friend Jody Scalise, here's a wonderful collection of images from our July 2022 show: CLICK HERE.

"Life isn't given to us all of a piece, It's more like a patchwork quilt  Each hour and minute a patch to fit in To the pattern that's being built. With some patches light -- and some patches dark  And some that seem ever so dull  But if we were given to set some apart, We'd hardly know which to cull. For it takes the dark patches to set off the light, And the dull to show up the gay And, somehow, the pattern just wouldn't be right If we took any part away. No, life isn't given us all of a piece, But in patches of hours to use, That each can work out his pattern of life To whatever design he might choose."                    - Helen Lowrie Marshall