First Congregational Church of Buckland, Inc. UCC.

We are known as "The Mary Lyon Church" in honor of Mary Lyon (1797-1849) founder of Mount Holyoke College. Mary Lyon was a native of Buckland. She became a teacher here and was baptized here in our church in 1822.

We are pleased that your journey has led you to this moment of connection with our vibrant and inclusive faith community. Whether you are visiting our beautiful hill towns or searching for a church home, we warmly welcome you

As a community of Christian believers, our life together begins as we worship God. Out of that center, we try to create an atmosphere where all are welcome to bring their full selves into relationship with God and one another.

As Congregationalists, we affirm the notion of “soul freedom”, which implies that each person is responsible for theological reflection that shapes and directs their lives. This is a place where we can reflect together on God’s presence in our lives, individually and collectively.

Our hope is that in this context of worship and support each one of us will be empowered to develop and use our gifts in God’s service, both here and in the community. So please, walk with us as we celebrate, struggle, grow, mature, and joyfully serve our God in justice, mercy, and love.

We invite you to come worship with us, ask questions, tell us what you are looking for in a church, and share your story of faith with us.

General Events