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Church bank

Paper model created by Bruce P.


The church’s monthly income has been drastically reduced since COVID-19 mandated isolation has closed us down.  We are no longer bringing in over $1,000 a month profit from our monthly public suppers.  Weekly offerings are being mailed in by several regular attendees but overall our offering income is lower than usual.

Even though the building is not being used, monthly bills are still due. Whether the building is being used or not we must still pay expenses such as utilities, heat, insurance, and our pastor’s salary.  These expenses amount to nearly $5,000 each month.  We need your financial support now more than ever.

Please mail your offerings/donations payable to the Mary Lyon Church to our church collector, Vi S.  Mail to the church to Vi’s attention at Mary Lyon Church, P.O.Box 87, Buckland, MA 01338

If you would like more details or have questions about our church’s budget, please contact the Finance, Invested Funds, and Properties Committee.  Send an email to or call the church at 413-625-9440.